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Waxing is the process of removing unwanted hair from a part of the body by applying a cosmetic wax and peeling off the wax and hairs together.
Waxing VS. Shaving/Depilatory Cream
Shaving and depilatory cream leave the root of the hair intact allowing the hair to grow quicker than desired. Oftentimes shaving will cause ingrown hairs due to this, along with razor burn and the need to shave frequently to maintain desired results. Depilatory creams do help alleviate razor burn, but can cause a burning and itching to the skin in general, along with allergic reactions and a terrible smell. Depilatory creams should also not be placed on sensitive areas like the face and genitals due to the possibility of chemical burns. Depilatory creams often do not work with thicker or more coarse hair and cause the need to shave regardless. IPL is touted as permanent, but often needs to be continued to keep the hairs away, many users still need to shave after IPL treatments. Waxing is a quick and effective alternative, grabbing the unwanted hairs from the root and removing them from the follicle allows the results to last anywhere between 3 and 5 weeks. On top of being lower maintenance the hair often returns softer, thinner, and less prone to being ingrown. On top of hair removal the wax also will remove the dead skin cells in the area and assist you in the silky smooth skin we all love and deserve.
What kind of wax do we use?
We use hard and soft wax at Waxsalon Puur. We have both options as every person and body are different and we take pride in customizing what you need for your personal waxing journey. Soft wax is the most commonly known wax, where the wax is placed on the skin and hair and removed via a cloth strip. Hard wax is applied on the skin and left to harden for a moment before being removed without the need of a strip. Hard wax does not stick to the skin; this is often the more comfortable method for delicate areas.

Is waxing painful?
Of course waxing can be painful, but can also be relaxing. The hair is being removed from the root of the follicle, which can sting, but the wax itself is warm and comforting. The pain of waxing subsides almost instantly, and is well worth the moment of discomfort. When you wax continually your hair is less thick and therefore easier and less painful over time. The anticipation is always worse than the treatment itself, but you can of course take a painkiller half an hour before your appointment to assist with the removal.

We take immense pride in our treatment rooms' cleanliness. Each session the waxing station is cleaned and the tabletop disinfected. We use a fresh stick for every dip into the wax pots. We wear gloves during the entire treatment, and disinfect all our tools before and after every session.


How often should I wax?
On average we recommend your hair has reached a length of about 5mm. This gives us just enough to really grab the hair and make sure we get it from the root as best as possible. Most clients return after 4 to 5 weeks, but this depends on your own preferences and how quickly your hair grows.

Should I wax during menstruation?

As your body is more sensitive at this time we do not recommend you wax the week of your period and the few days before. This is of course a personal choice and we will be happy to treat you during this time.